Villeneuve-sur-Yonne is known as “the lover’s city” thanks to its history, charming heritage sites and pretty shopping area. This medieval town is THE perfect place for a romantic stroll through the parks and gardens, around beautiful monuments and to discover local arts and crafts.


A tradition from Villeneuve-sur-Yonne?

And an ancient one at that! Did you know that a stone was sculpted between the end of the 13th century and beginning of the 14th century, that already represented the “Lovers of Villeneuve”? It was discovered in 1997 when Villeneuve-sur-Yonne hospital was being renovated and is now on display at the Musée de la Porte de Joigny (open in the summer). It’s a moving scene: the characters are lying down and tenderly kissing.

The Musée de la Porte de Joigny

The lovers of Villeneuve


Come and declare your love!

Here’s our selection of romantic places and activities:

The Promenades de Villeneuve-sur-Yonne

Let’s begin with the Promenades de Villeneuve, a very pleasant walk around the city, full of interest and charm. The path is lined with trees, the colours of which change with the seasons, much like a protective glacis.

The promenades of Villeneuve

Inside the parc of the City Hall

“La Lucarne aux Chouettes” hotel restaurant

La Lucarne aux Chouettes is a picturesque house on the banks of the Yonne. Did you know that Leslie Caron herself fell in love with this building when it was but ruins, decided to renovate it and then opened a hotel restaurant here? It’s a great place for a romantic evening: dinner near the fireplace, an overnight stay in one of the rooms overlooking the Yonne. Or to simply savour a glass of Burgundy wine out on the terrace overlooking the river and Ile d’Amour.

The restaurant la Lucarne aux Chouettes

The docks of the Yonne and Ile d’Amour

The banks of the Yonne are perfect for a leisurely stroll. On the city side, the view of the docks blends perfectly with the blue of the river and the lighter colours of the stone walls of the surrounding buildings. On the other side, you can lie back and relax on the beach. There are often regattas held here. Grab yourself a space on the grass for a lunch break, a snack or even some evening drinks! And on the way, stop off at Ile d’Amour: this charming place with a breath-taking view of the city, is a favourite location for swans. A picture-perfect setting!

A boat trip along the Yonne

Let us take you on a journey down the river aboard the “Flipper Nautic”. The skipper, Laurent Carpentier, will take you on a fantastic journey aboard his riverboat. As you drift down the river, you’ll have some great views of the Yonne Valley. A romantic moment to share!

A tasty snack in the city

Do you feel like eating an ice-cream? As soon as the sunny weather arrives, head straight to “Enjoy Chocolats”, near Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption church. Here, you can taste some very original flavours of ice-cream (blonde or dark beer flavour, goat’s cheese, carrot-turmeric, red pepper and much more), and also the more traditional flavours (Dulce de Leche, salted butter caramel, honey-almond, vanilla and much more).

Fashion and arts and crafts

You can hear the rumbling of thunder… then the rain starts to fall, heavier and heavier, come and take shelter and see the hat-maker on Rue Carnot, who will show you all the most beautiful ranges! An umbrella for two!!!

Art, culture and a sunset!

Why not end this exploration at Musée Galerie Carnot, right next to the Porte de Joigny? The beautiful gallery upstairs overlooks the city with a fabulous view from the terrace. It’s a great place to watch the sunset!


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