Parking in the Sénonais region

There are a number of car parks available in Sens and Villeneuve-sur-Yonne town centres. It’s very easy to find parking spaces at the heart of the town or nearby, except when there are special events (Foire de Sens, MusicaSens, circus, etc.). Make sure you read the signs: parking could be free-of-charge, require a fee or impose a time limit (in areas marked blue).

Parking in Sens

There are almost 7,000 parking spaces in Sens!

Parking in the town centre

In the heart of the historical town of Sens, known as the “amande” (almond), most parking spaces require a fee. Pay for your parking at one of the machines or with the application “Pay By Phone”. With this mobile application, you can buy a digitized ticket, and you can extend or stop this ticket at any time.

There is also an underground car park (with a fee) on Rue Pasteur.

Parking just outside the town centre

There are several car parks available along the promenades of Sens, the tree-lined avenues which surround the historical centre. From there, you are only 5 minutes away from the centre on foot!

Make sure you look at the markings on the ground. Some car parks are marked as blue zones: here there is a time limit for parking. This is the case for the Jean Jaurès and Garibaldi car parks which can be found just next to the tourist office. Using a blue disk, indicate your arrival time and you can stay for the time limit shown on the sign at the entrance to the car parks.

Handy tip: if you don’t have a blue disk in your car… We sell them at the tourist office for €2.

Most of the parking spaces along the promenades are free.


Parking in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne

It is also very easy to find a parking space in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. Watch out for the different parking zones though: some spaces in the town centre are in a blue zone, limited to 1.5hrs.

There are two big car parks on the banks of the Yonne, Quai Bretoche and along Avenue Roland Bonnion.

Parking your motorhome

If you are passing through the Sénonais region in a motorhome, you can easily find a place to stop.


In Sens, motorhomes can park for 24 consecutive hours along the promenades (except for blue zones). From there, you are only 5 minutes away from the centre on foot. We recommend the “Place des Héros” or “Cours Tarbé” parking areas.

In Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, motorhome parking is tolerated throughout the town. The most comfortable place is without a doubt the Roland Bonnion car park, between the Yonne and Avenue Roland Bonnion, right at the heart of the town centre. There is a water supply there.

If you are looking for added comforts, peace-and-quiet or amenities, then head to Villeneuve-sur-Yonne campsite or to the Sens, Gron or Saint-Julien-du-Sault parking areas.