Have you not yet heard of the Foire de Sens? Just picture this… every year for 5 whole days, between the end of April and the beginning of May, the streets of the city centre welcome 350 stands, a mini farm and a funfair! This big market and fair (free-of-charge!) has become a great tradition for the city and attracts around 150,000 visitors looking for a bargain, delicious local specialities or thrills on the fairground rides! The whole city is transformed and for these few days the festive atmosphere of the Foire takes over. A must-see event if you want to experience Sens at its very best!

One of the last outdoor fairs that is still free-of-charge

The Foire Commerciale de Sens comes straight from the medieval tradition of these great events. It is outdoor and completely free-of-charge, covering 3 kilometres of the streets of the historical town centre. The city is completely transformed and takes on a very special atmosphere.

You can find everything at the Foire: furniture, clothes, cars, gadgets, household items, arts and crafts, etc. Every year, the stands come in their masses, from all over France. There are always bargains to be had!

It’s a great opportunity to taste some of the local products and specialities: snails, beers, Yonne wines, honey, nougat… The stands are colourful and offer so many scents and flavours… A stroll through here will awaken all the senses…

Sens' Fair

The mini-farm

Yummi... Tasty pleasures for all goumets !

This tradition comes back every year

The locals and visitors from the surrounding area eagerly look forward to this annual event. Taking a stroll around the Foire on the 1st May is THE family day out for the locals of the Sénonais region, they may even bump into some long-lost friends. This highlight of the year is for a lot of people, an important part of the identity of the region.

And we never get tired of the Foire! Every year, there is something new: shows, gourmet activities, new technology and much more.

For the last few years, a “gourmet centre” has been set up and great chefs from the Sénonais region come here. They reveal some of their recipes and tips and tricks of the trade in cooking demonstrations in a temporary kitchen set up for the occasion. Every day there’s a new chef, new food on the menu and a new celebration!

Sens' Fair alleys

Gastronomy put forward

Tasty products to taste

Not-to-mention the funfair!

More than 80 rides add to the excitement of the whole event. There’s something for the whole family, from the little Ferris wheel (one of the most ancient rides) to the caterpillar rollercoaster, the traditional shooting practice to the dodgems, and then the more daring rides for the thrill seekers among you! The scent of candy floss and other sweet treats fills the air, it’ll be hard to resist!

Aerial view over the rides

The caterpillar rollercoaster

Daring rides

The fun’ begins one week before the rest of the Foire, and carries on for one week after. As per tradition, it ends with a big fireworks display!

Our recommendation: take advantage of the 50% discount on rides the last weekend!


Some practical information

  • See the events’ calendar for all the events coming up!
  • Car parks are available just outside the city. There are shuttle buses (free on Sundays and on the 1st May) to get to the town centre.

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