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Explore by bike

It’s the weekend and the sun is shining! How about hopping on your bikes (or hiring them from the tourist office)? At your own pace and with your family, you can cycle for short distances around Sens or on the banks of the Yonne, or even over long distances, for touring cyclists looking for a connection between the capital and the "Tour of Burgundy by bike" via Sens.



There’s no need to go far to make some big discoveries. Cycling is definitely the best way to get off the beaten track ! Our five cycling routes are full of points of interest, sometimes little-known. Explore the Vanne aqueduct and its large arches stretching across the fields or the Chemin des Boutours with its allotments and public orchards. Here, at the end of summer, you can even taste apples freshly picked from the tree! Yum!


L'église Saint-Maurice sur les bords de l'Yonne à Sens

Saint-Maurice Church on the bank of the river Yonne in Sens. - Photo Pierre Pichon



A new cycle path  has recently been created between Sens and Rosoy. It is soon to be extended to Armeau (with completion of the work scheduled for 2019-2020). Imagine: on your left, the first hills of the Pays d’Othe and a few sandpits where migratory birds stop off. On your right, the river, rather wild, between Joigny and Sens. No interferences, no beeping horns, just tyres rubbing on the surface of the cycle path, the murmur of the breeze and the sound of wildlife nearby…


For a 2-3 hour cycle ride at a very gentle pace, we recommend the "along the Yonne" circuit.





This is for adventurers and bike trip enthusiasts! Getting to Sens from the neighbouring big cities is possible! Provided, of course, you have at least a minimum of training and are well-equipped (repair kits, wet weather clothing). Leave your hybrid bike in the garage and take a mountain bike instead.


On the Paris – Sens – Auxerre route, you can take advantage of the nearby railway line (convenient if you want to skip or shorten a leg). This way you can, for example, plan a route from Paris to Sens over a weekend, with a return trip by train on the Sunday evening. To join the start of the "Tour of Burgundy by bike" at Migennes from Paris, watch out for the ten-kilometre section still to be developed around Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. Otherwise, the route is mostly pleasant, though it will be a while yet before you can fully enjoy this route with your family.



The Orléans – Sens – Troyes route does not benefit from the same advantages. . While the route between Orléans and Montargis via the Orléans Canal poses no difficulties, further along you will need to devise a route taking in small country lanes to avoid the traffic. A trickier route, but charming nonetheless!



  • Leave your bags at the tourist office
  • Hire a yellow bike from the VéliBourgogne bike rental network at the tourist office
  • Find bicycle equipment at one of three shops in the area : "En Roue libre" located on the outskirts of Sens town centre, "Céliqua" in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne and "Décathlon" situated 4km from the centre of Sens.
  • Recharge your batteries at one of our favourite bakeries (Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Gauffilier, Boulangerie Jugé or Boulangerie Perrichon in Sens and Boulangerie Le Fournil in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne)..


Les pistes cyclables le long de l'Yonne entre Sens et Villeneuve-sur-Yonne

The cycling routes along the Yonne between Sens and Villeneuve-sur-Yonne - Photo Pierre Pichon