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Head out for a walk and take your time

A simple stroll or a long day's hiking? Situated one hour from Paris by train, the Yonne valley and hills of Pays d’Othe welcome you with open arms, whether you are a beginner or experienced! But beware, if you take the GR213 that runs through our region from north to south, who knows where you might end up…? We even know some who got as far as Compostela!



Let's set the scene! To the east are the valleys of Pays d’Othe, the forest of the same name and the apple plantations from which is drawn a cider much sought after in the delicatessens of Paris.

To the west are more hills and, in places, "bocages" or hedged farmland. This is where the Gâtinais region begins, a land partially cultivated, though still heavily wooded.

And in the middle? "In the middle flows the river" of course! The Yonne, as it happens, and its tributaries. It is a river famous for being wild, which has carved a wide valley over the centuries. In Sens, the river has already travelled 200km from its source in the Morvan and it will travel 40 more before joining its confluence with the Seine.

Within this area, which is still quite small, you will find quite a variety of landscapes: rivers, forests, farmland and, for the most experienced among you, even some interesting undulating terrain (good hills with 150m of positive height difference at 10%, we have some in stock!).





Are you beginners? We suggest three thematic walks near Sens, including the Boucle des Carrelottes, a circular trail through the Natura 2000 site that dominates Sens, with information panels dotted along the way!

For intermediate hikers, our region has plenty of 3 to 4 hour circuits with "just enough" up and down, such as the blue circuit from Dixmont.

As for seasoned hikers, you can venture into Pays d’Othe for a few good days of walking in the forest, with some pleasant climbs along the way. We recommend the "Hauts plateaux malaysiens" hike.

Whatever your level, we recommend the hiking event of the year in our area, Les Portes de Villeneuve (6 trails of 8 to 52 km) which takes place every year in early April. You'll find it on our blog!


Sur le GR213, début avril, à l'occasion de la randonnée "Les Portes de Villeneuve-sur-Yonne"

On the GR213, early April, during the hiking event "Les Portes de Villeneuve-sur-Yonne". - Photo Pierre Pichon


And for the more adventurous, it is even possible to explore and cross the Sénonais by foot, via the GR213. Starting from Pont-sur-Yonne, it follows the Yonne valley, passing Sens (a few kilometres away in reality) then Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, continuing as far as Joigny. Every year, we come across a few pilgrims using it to reach Vézelay and, from there, the "Vézelay Way"towards Compostela (Via Lemovicencis, for those in the know).

You can get your "Crédencial" (pilgrim passport) stamped at the tourist office in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.